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 The Dominant Kitty - and don't forget it!

Gender: Female

Color: Calico

DOB: 3/7/98

I don't let my advanced age and health conditions keep me from showing those other two who's in charge around here.  Even though I have laryngeal paralysis (which makes my breathing difficult), hyperthyroidism, and diabetes I will still lay the smackdown on any kitty that touches my belongings or tries to get too much attention from the humans.  Speaking of the humans, I've been with them as long as I can remember.  My people-mom picked me out from my litter when my eyes weren't even open, then took me home as soon as I was ready to leave my litter.  When I was two years old, she had my little human brother.  I didn't like him very much - he was way too noisy - but I felt obligated to watch over him.  I grew to tolerate him, and over time came to love him.  While he and mom were at school all day (mom's a teacher) I didn't have much to keep my mind or body active.  Mom kept trying to tell me that she was going to bring home siblings for me, but I didn't understand what she meant until THEY came.  As soon as that Cheerio's paws touched MY FLOOR, I wanted to eat him up.  And Chloe, she knew better than to come anywhere near me, and still does.  But Cheerio won't give up.  He has tried to rub against me, and play with me, and cuddle with me so persistently that I sometimes let him get away with it.  You know, just to throw him a bone once in a while.


The Pretty Princess

Gender: Female

Color:  Black & White

DOB: 5/29/12?   Adopted: 12/29/12

I don't remember much of my life before Mommy rescued me from the shelter.  I was shy and scared and hanging out in the back of that cage they had me in.  I was so far back, no one seemed to notice me.  When my Mommy walked by, I came out of hiding and she saw me.  She took me out and petted me, and said I was going home with her soon.  I was so happy to know I was getting away from there.  Did you know that the food and the potty are right beside each other???  I was so appalled, I would hardly use either.  When I came to my forever home, I had my own room to hang out in for a while to get used to the house.  Mommy said there was a big kitty that I would need to watch out for, and she was right.  As soon as I started exploring the house, I found Cheerio, a little yellow boy who just wants to play all the time, and Daffy, the big calico girl who runs the house.  I've grown pretty close to Cheerio, but I still walk a wide path around Daffy.  All I really care about is being brushed and petted anyway.  I have to keep myself looking pretty.  I even let Mommy do my nails, unlike Cheerio and Daffy who fight against nail trims.  I really don't like it when the people are gone, maybe it makes me remember being left at the shelter...  Whenever they are home, I have to be right with them at all times.  I sit on top of anything Mommy is doing - her laptop, papers she is grading, laundry she is folding, whatever.  And I always go to bed with my human parents.  I wait politely while they get ready for bed, then hop up to Mommy's side as soon as I hear the "click" of her lamp and the light goes out.



The Clueless Kitty

Gender: Male

Color: Yellow Tabby

DOB:  7/29/12?  Adopted: 12/29/12

Cheerio is a free kitten.  Yeah, I refer to myself in the third person.  Get used to it.  Like I said, Cheerio is a free kitten.  He doesn't belong to anyone.  He just lets these people feed him and clean up after him, but he's planing his escape.  Cheerio remembers being at the shelter, sitting in a tiny cage, clawing at everyone that passed and meowing like crazy.  For some reason, no one really went for that.  Then the maid came in (Chloe and Daffy call her mom, but I call her the maid).  She saw me and said I was so cute and that I could go to her house.  Cheerio saw this as his chance for escape!  Well, she said I had to have a little operation and couldn't go to her house just yet, but she would come back in a few days.  I still don't see what's so special about their house that I had to have that surgery!  Anyway, the maid came back to get Cheerio and he's been living with her family ever since.  They put Cheerio in his own room for a few days, which did not go well.  I would cry so much that my human brother would stay in my room for hours, maybe doing his homework or just playing with me.  When the time was finally up so I could explore the house I didn't waste any time.  I wanted to see everything at once and figure out how I was going to escape.  Everyone tells me to stay away from the big calico kitty but I don't understand why.  She loves playing with me.  Every time I go near her she tells me to "eat floor" and pushes my head down under her paw.  That's our little game.  Cheerio has made it outside quite a few times, but always gets caught by the people.  He's always on the lookout for his next chance.

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