Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree!

We'll get to the bottom of this!

Mommy has been working on these twinklies fur-ever and can't get them all to work at the same time.  Looks like a job for two adventurous kitties!

I think I see the problem right here...

Yep, here's the problem.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Visit to the Doctor

Here's how my day started:  Mom brought the travel carrier in from the garage and I took off as fast as my 15-year old legs could carry me.  I tried to hide behind the chair, but didn't quite make it there before she nabbed me.  So, here I am, caged like some kind of animal...

Behind bars - so humiliating!

Of course, I knew where we were going.  The only place I ever go is to the doctor.  I used to really hate it, but I go so often now that I'm getting used to it.  And, the people there are not that bad.  I like that they have two separate doors for kitties and doggies so I don't have to see any of the barking species when I go.

A very welcoming front door.

The waiting room is all about kitties, and Mommy always shows me pictures from cat magazines while we wait.  I, of course, turn my head away as if I'm offended that she would look at any other cat besides me. 

Nice atmosphere in the waiting room.

We were called back to an exam room, and the vet tech asked Mom a bunch of questions.  I never can figure out why they don't just ask me.  I'm pretty sure I'm more knowledgeable of my own eating and litter box habits than she is.  I guess it's a human thing.

I don't really feel like coming out, I just got comfortable.

When the doctor came, she drew some blood from my arm and tested it.  She said that even though I've been eating special food, there's still too much of something called glucose in my blood.  She showed Mom how to give me a shot that I'll need twice a day, and said for me to keep eating my special food.  I'll need to go back in about a week and stay all day long, so they can see how my levels change throughout the day.  

After getting all of our supplies, we were ready to go back home.  When we got there, Chloe and Cheerio had figured out that I was gone, and thought they had total freedom.  Who knows what they had been up to, but you could see mischief all over their silly little faces.

As soon as Mom sat my carrier down and opened the door, I bolted out of there.  Chloe and Cheerio decided to explore the carrier.  They think it's a toy.  If only they knew...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

OMC - What Did They Put On Me?

So, the people were out doing some shopping, and I was having a nice peaceful rest.  When they came home, they told me they had a surprise for me.  Catnip, I hoped.  Or maybe a nice crunchy sounding mouse.  All of mine are too far under the couches for my little arms to reach.

They said this surprise would help me since I don't have much chur (you know, chub and fur) and I'm always snuggling into blankets to keep warm.  That sounded great!  I wondered what it could be.

Little did I know that the surprise was going to be an instrument of torture.   As soon as I saw it, I started running.  The maid/mommy held me down and put it over my head.  I, of course, put up a good fight.  She somehow got it on me anyway.  It was terrible!  How could anyone do this to any kitty they supposedly love?

When she turned me loose I rolled and wiggled and tried to push it off.  I was successful in getting it off of me pretty quickly, but she put it right back on.  I started slinking around the house like I was fighting this thing that was wrapped around me.  But then I realized, this doesn't feel too bad.  In fact, it's kind of warm and cozy.  It's like being wrapped in a blanket and still being able to walk around.

Wow!  This must be the greatest invention ever.  A blanket that moves with you...  I wonder what it's called?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bread Addiction

Okay, I'll admit it...  I have a problem.  It's actually a pretty serious problem.  I'm addicted.  Addicted to bread.  It doesn't matter what kind of bread, I'll take what I can find.  It could be the sandwich bread that's up on a high shelf in the pantry.  It could be the biscuits that have been left on the table after breakfast.  Any bread will do.

In this case, it was the leftover crescent roll that was in a plastic sandwich baggy on the kitchen counter.  It was sitting up there calling to me.  I could almost hear it say, "Chloe, you know you want me.  Mommy's not looking.  No one will ever know if you eat me."

So I jumped up on the counter, grabbed the bag that held the crescent roll, and quickly carried it upstairs.  I ran straight to my room, sat on my scratch mat and started tearing into it.

It smells soooo good!

The more I tore into the bag, the better it smelled.  Soon I was tearing plastic and nibbling bread faster than I could have ever imagined!  It was a terrific feeling.  And the best part was that I was safely hidden upstairs away from anyone who could fuss at me.

I can't take my face out of this bag.

Wonderful, glorious, delicious bread!  The smell, the taste, the texture; it's all so overwhelming to me.  Sometimes I wonder, am I the only kitty with this problem?  

Is it really all that strange, as Cheerio and Daffy tell me, that I prefer to eat the bread of a sandwich that we have bummed from one of the humans, while they eat the meat and cheese?  Cheerio tells me that bread is inedible, that it's just the "wrapper" for the meat.  But I'm sure he's wrong.  Nothing this delectable could be merely a wrapper.

Oh, no!  Some one's coming!

Are there any other kitties out there with this same problem?  Am I the only one addicted to bread?  

More importantly, is there anyone with easy access to fresh, warm bread that they are willing to share?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mommy is a TRAITOR

I just found out the worst news: my mommy is a traitor.  And, she's a traitor of the worst kind!  She just spent days and days with other kitties.  Other.  Kitties.  None of which were me!

Well, first I need to start at the beginning.  She started putting her changes of fur into a big blue box.  Cheerio and I thought the box seemed interesting - it had zippers and compartments and even wheels.  But I knew something wasn't quite right.  That's why I watched Mommy's every move while she was doing what she called "packing".  Cheerio just hung around to get in the way. 


She tried to explain to me that she would be gone for three dark times, but I was so confused.   Why would she be gone during dark time?  Where would she sleep?  More importantly, who would I sleep with?  Mommy said some things about the grandparents who had visited us here a little while back.  Maybe she was going to their house?  I'm not really sure.  I just couldn't get past the part about MOMMY LEAVING.  

Finally, she said Daffy could explain it to me later, because she has been with Mommy for a long time and understands completely about the dark times countdown.  And, Daddy would still be here to take care of us.  He would be gone to work most of the time, but at least we would be fed and our litter would be cleaned.  And he is good at brushing me.  Maybe I would be okay.

Well, I took a few naps and lost track of the lights and darks pretty soon, so I decided to start waiting for Mommy in all of her usual places. 

I sat in her seat at the table.
I looked for her in the kitchen.
I waited at her computer desk until I was so tired of waiting.
When she FINALLY came home, she smelled so very different (kind of like other cats, actually).  In fact, even though she looked like Mommy I couldn't be quite sure.  I did not want to go near this mommy look-alike person until she took a shower and changed clothes.  Then I realized it really was Mommy after all.

You don't smell like my Mommy.  I'm not coming near you!

I was starting to warm back up to Mommy until Cheerio showed me something.  He loves to play in the garage and he saw something strange out there after Mommy came home. After going to play for a few minutes he came back and told me to go take a look.  This is the evidence that I saw all over her car:

Lots and lots of kitty tracks!

The tracks alone might not have been so bad, if I hadn't also seen the pictures on her phone.

Barn kitties!
Kitties in a basket!
Now there is no denying the fact that she spent time with other kitties instead of me.  I can't believe she did that!  I feel so betrayed.  How could I ever forgive her?  It's going to take a lot of brushing, petting, and treats to make up for this.

Mommy does make a good lap, though.                  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oops - The Cat Was Almost Let Out of the Bag!

The Cat Was Nearly Out of the Bag Kitty Cube

Take this as a warning, kitties...  You have to be careful when you're sneaking around using the humans' computers.  Sometimes it gets back to them.

Thank goodness our human has some memory issues, or we could have been caught.

You see, we've been doing this blog and following others for about a month now, without raising any suspicions.  We even got bold enough to enter a few contests on the really great blogs that we like to read.  Well, let me give you some advice.  If you're trying to keep your internet activities on the D-L, be sure to get your own email address.  We put the human's email on our entries and then she got notices that we had won two different contests.

We heard her mumbling to herself "I don't remember entering any contests..."  Just as we were trying to come up with a good cover (our best idea was aliens), she said "Oh well, I guess I must have entered them.  How else could I have won?"  Whew.  That was close.

What did we win, you may be asking?  Absolutely, cat-tastic stuff, that's what!

First, we won the Gourmet Cat Food Giveaway from Hill's on the Pawsitively Pets blog (an excellent blog to follow, btw).  The prize is a gift basket of dry food, wet food, and treats made by Hill's Science Diet.  It's supposed to be better for our kitty tummies to get all of our nutrition from the same brand, instead of mixing it up too much.  We can't wait to try these yummy treats!

We also won a beautiful ornament for the Christmas tree from the Fancy Feast Feastivities 2013 contest on the Adventures of a Suburban Kitty blog. (You really should follow Pumpkin's blog if you don't already.  That is one insightful kitty!)  We know the ornament will look so nice on our tree.  Maybe we can get the human mom to hang it low where we can see it best.

So now it's time to just sit back and wait for our packages of goodies to arrive!

Thank Goodness Our Cover Wasn't Blown!