Monday, December 2, 2013

Mommy is a TRAITOR

I just found out the worst news: my mommy is a traitor.  And, she's a traitor of the worst kind!  She just spent days and days with other kitties.  Other.  Kitties.  None of which were me!

Well, first I need to start at the beginning.  She started putting her changes of fur into a big blue box.  Cheerio and I thought the box seemed interesting - it had zippers and compartments and even wheels.  But I knew something wasn't quite right.  That's why I watched Mommy's every move while she was doing what she called "packing".  Cheerio just hung around to get in the way. 


She tried to explain to me that she would be gone for three dark times, but I was so confused.   Why would she be gone during dark time?  Where would she sleep?  More importantly, who would I sleep with?  Mommy said some things about the grandparents who had visited us here a little while back.  Maybe she was going to their house?  I'm not really sure.  I just couldn't get past the part about MOMMY LEAVING.  

Finally, she said Daffy could explain it to me later, because she has been with Mommy for a long time and understands completely about the dark times countdown.  And, Daddy would still be here to take care of us.  He would be gone to work most of the time, but at least we would be fed and our litter would be cleaned.  And he is good at brushing me.  Maybe I would be okay.

Well, I took a few naps and lost track of the lights and darks pretty soon, so I decided to start waiting for Mommy in all of her usual places. 

I sat in her seat at the table.
I looked for her in the kitchen.
I waited at her computer desk until I was so tired of waiting.
When she FINALLY came home, she smelled so very different (kind of like other cats, actually).  In fact, even though she looked like Mommy I couldn't be quite sure.  I did not want to go near this mommy look-alike person until she took a shower and changed clothes.  Then I realized it really was Mommy after all.

You don't smell like my Mommy.  I'm not coming near you!

I was starting to warm back up to Mommy until Cheerio showed me something.  He loves to play in the garage and he saw something strange out there after Mommy came home. After going to play for a few minutes he came back and told me to go take a look.  This is the evidence that I saw all over her car:

Lots and lots of kitty tracks!

The tracks alone might not have been so bad, if I hadn't also seen the pictures on her phone.

Barn kitties!
Kitties in a basket!
Now there is no denying the fact that she spent time with other kitties instead of me.  I can't believe she did that!  I feel so betrayed.  How could I ever forgive her?  It's going to take a lot of brushing, petting, and treats to make up for this.

Mommy does make a good lap, though.                  


  1. Aw, you poor dear! I hope your mommy is contrite enough to spoil you greatly to make up for it!

    1. I'm making sure of that! I'm sticking right with her every step so Mommy can do nothing but pet me.

  2. We're always amenable to bribery. Tuna, usually. In large amounts!

    1. Ahhh... Tuna, now that's an idea...

  3. OMC! Glad your mommy at least came back home finally! My doggy used to sniff me when I came home from work everyday. I smelled like woofies, kitties, birds, lizards, turtles, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, and who knows what else! She eventually forgave me :)

    1. Well I guess that goes to show that doggies are less discriminating than kitties. I would never be able to get over all of those kinds of smells! Glad you worked it out, though.

  4. yoW! three dark times is like 87 squillion years! it's one thing for your mom to leave you, but to betray you like that with the other kittehs...well, that's just not right! we hope you got a lot of lap time and treats after the fact. (mom's do make the best laps...we have a hard time staying mad at our mom when she leaves us...)

    PIp, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie


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