Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Visit to the Doctor

Here's how my day started:  Mom brought the travel carrier in from the garage and I took off as fast as my 15-year old legs could carry me.  I tried to hide behind the chair, but didn't quite make it there before she nabbed me.  So, here I am, caged like some kind of animal...

Behind bars - so humiliating!

Of course, I knew where we were going.  The only place I ever go is to the doctor.  I used to really hate it, but I go so often now that I'm getting used to it.  And, the people there are not that bad.  I like that they have two separate doors for kitties and doggies so I don't have to see any of the barking species when I go.

A very welcoming front door.

The waiting room is all about kitties, and Mommy always shows me pictures from cat magazines while we wait.  I, of course, turn my head away as if I'm offended that she would look at any other cat besides me. 

Nice atmosphere in the waiting room.

We were called back to an exam room, and the vet tech asked Mom a bunch of questions.  I never can figure out why they don't just ask me.  I'm pretty sure I'm more knowledgeable of my own eating and litter box habits than she is.  I guess it's a human thing.

I don't really feel like coming out, I just got comfortable.

When the doctor came, she drew some blood from my arm and tested it.  She said that even though I've been eating special food, there's still too much of something called glucose in my blood.  She showed Mom how to give me a shot that I'll need twice a day, and said for me to keep eating my special food.  I'll need to go back in about a week and stay all day long, so they can see how my levels change throughout the day.  

After getting all of our supplies, we were ready to go back home.  When we got there, Chloe and Cheerio had figured out that I was gone, and thought they had total freedom.  Who knows what they had been up to, but you could see mischief all over their silly little faces.

As soon as Mom sat my carrier down and opened the door, I bolted out of there.  Chloe and Cheerio decided to explore the carrier.  They think it's a toy.  If only they knew...


  1. Daffodil, we agree, how RUDE that the vet didn't ask YOU the questions! hmph.

    Mommy says her FuzzMon was diabetic and lived to the nice old age of 19; so you have lots of time to get wedged behind the chair successfully.

  2. Bogey is always suspicious when his carrier comes out, too!

    Critter Alley


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