Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can Cheerio get a little credit around here?

So Cheerio is trying to be a good boy and help the maid a little, and what happens?  He gets in trouble.  Not once, but three times.  You see, the maid (the one Chloe and Daffodil call Mommy) is always fussing about having too much housework, so I figure I can help her out.  She starts putting clothes into the big white box, but gets distracted by something and walks away.  Cheerio can help!

Where do you turn this thing on?  It's around here somewhere... 

I still hadn't quite figured out how to get this thing going when the maid came back and started yelling "Cheery, get out of there!"  Of course, I didn't budge.  I never do.  She was saying things about how I could have been hurt if she didn't see me.  Really.  How in the world could this thing hurt Cheerio?  Beats me.  That's when she dragged me out (as I tried my best to hold on) and set me down on the floor.  I still didn't see how she turned that thing on, but I'll figure it out one day.

A little later, Cheerio saw another chance to help.  The maid (seems like she does everything around here) was taking dishes out of the other big white box - the one that sits in the kitchen.  Once she got everything out, it looked so big and inviting.  I was sure she cleaned it out just for me to do something with all that space and the parts that move inside.  So I hopped in and had a look around.  It was fun to slap the spinning arm in the bottom and push the wire rack back and forth.  I know it makes a noise sometimes, and I'm sure it would fun to hear it from the inside.  Just when Cheerio had almost found the "on" button - I'm pretty sure it's in the very back - the maid had to go and pull me out.  Of course, I grabbed one of the racks and pulled it out with me.  You can't take Cheerio that easily!

Then, after the maid carried the laundry upstairs to put away, she had to set it down for a few minutes.  Here was one more chance for little Cheery to prove he's a big boy.  I wasn't quite sure I could handle this job on my own, so I quickly got Chloe to help.  I showed her where the clothes were, but neither of us really knew what to do with them. 
 Two brains are better than one?

Just then, Daffy showed up.  She fusses as much as the maid does.   For some reason, she didn't think we should be sitting on clean clothes.  I told her she could help too, but she didn't want anything to do with it.  In fact, she said she was going to tell on us.  That's when I had to do it.  I slapped Daffodil on the head.  I slapped the big kitty... 

 As soon as it happened, I knew it was a bad idea.  Chloe ran away immediately.  You may not have noticed, but Cheerio's not the smartest kitty, so I sat and waited to see what would happen.  Well, let's just say Daffy was not happy.  And let's also say she's pretty strong for her age. 

After getting in trouble three times just for trying to help out, Cheerio finally decided just to give up and get some rest.  Maybe he can get some appreciation some other day...

Cheerio in his peaceful place


  1. MOL - you kitties are so cute! My human baby has recently started to crawl into the dryer >< Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the cat food giveaway. Good luck to you also.

  2. Thanks so much! Our human brother used to get into the dryer and the kitchen cabinets (after removing ALL of the pots and pans) when he was little. They really don't understand that those kinds of hijinks are best left to us kitties!


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