Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cheerio is Sad

Poor Cheerio... No one wants him around.  The girls didn't want to play.  Then, the worst thing of all...  Brother put him out of his room and closed the door.  I thought brothers had to stick together.  Cheerio just wanted one more chance to be a good boy in there.  He's only been given about 394 chances, what's one more?  It's not like he was chewing things again.  Well, actually that was exactly what it was.  But why are those little cords so important anyway?  It's not like Cheerio has already destroyed three sets of ear buds, two laptop chargers and a charger for a 3DS (which was only a week old, by the way).  And it's not like the people are trying to keep me from hurting myself by taking me away from electrical cords.

Well, I'll just go somewhere by myself, if no one wants me around.  *Sniff*  Poor Cheery...

Hey, this spot is actually pretty comfy.  This seems like a good time for a nap.

What was I sad about again???

** Update 11/24/13:  I can now claim responsibility for the destruction of four sets of ear buds!

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